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Choosing the Right Flooring in Ottawa

When building or remodelling a home, the flooring that you choose will be one of the most important decisions for each room. The floor sets the foundation for the look and function of the room. The flooring you chose significantly affects the design of the room, the budget for your project, and the long-term maintenance you will need to perform.

Each type of flooring material has benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a closer look at each to help you determine which type of flooring in Ottawa will be the best choice for your space.


Hardwood floors are an extremely popular option for homes. This is largely because they look very stunning and come in a wide variety of types of wood, from deep and dark cherry to lighter oak. They are also easy to keep clean and tend to increase the resale value of a home.

The drawbacks that come with choosing hardwood floors are that they are more expensive than other flooring options, especially if you choose a rare type of wood. Hardwood floors also require more maintenance, if you want to avoid fading, scratches, and wear. This type of floor might not be the best choice if you have pets with claws that will scuff the floors.


Tile floors are another very popular option throughout Ottawa. Tile is extremely durable and versatile. Homeowners can choose from ceramic tile in a wide variety of colours and designs or install a natural stone floor. Tile flooring is not especially difficult to keep clean and maintained, but grout may require deep cleaning, staining, and/or sealing to keep its colour. This can also be a pricier flooring option, depending upon the tile materials you choose.


Laminate is a cost effective flooring alternative that can produce great results. Flooring materials are created to mimic the appearance of hardwood or stone, locked into place, and covered with a protective laminate. The end result is a seamless floor that is easy to clean and resistant to fading and wear.


Carpet is an especially popular flooring option for bedrooms because of its warmth and comfort. There are many durable carpeting options that are easy to keep clean and that are resistant to damage. Of course, with carpet, you do not have to worry about scuffs and scrapes.


Vinyl is an extremely durable flooring option, allowing for strong flooring systems of varying thicknesses to be installed to nearly any type of space. These waterproof floors are typically chosen to garages, showrooms, and other spaces that require flooring options that can withstand great amounts of pressure, moisture, and/or changes in temperature.

Contact Dragona Flooring for Help with Flooring in Ottawa

Regardless of the type of flooring in Ottawa you are considering, you should contact Dragona Flooring to explore all of your available options. Our highly experienced team is available for consultations, allowing you to find the best possible flooring system and materials for your unique needs.

Dragona Flooring Story

Dragona Flooring was established in 1982 as a carpet supplier, supplying carpet retail stores and contractors. We provided carpet tool accessories for installation as well as binding carpet services. We later added a wide range of mortars, grouts, and tools to supply tile and stone flooring industries.

In 2001, what started as a small family carpet supplies business expanded to become wholesalers, supplying complete floor coverings to contractors and retail stores in Ontario—Toronto and Ottawa. With warehouses totaling over 125,000 square feet, Dragona Flooring carries a wide range of specialized and unique, high end flooring choices to complete any flooring project. This has made Dragona Flooring to offer the largest selection of all complete flooring products from the most specialized brands, as well as partnering with the manufacturer and distributor leaders in the industry.

We carry a complete line of hardwoods, laminates, engineered woods, carpet, vinyl, ceramic and porcelain tiles, mosaics, natural stones, and tools and accessories which include adhesives, stains, and finishes. You can also find a collection of decorative mouldings of baseboards and trims, as well as stair threads, and transitions offered in vinyl and rubber of different colourations to compliment and complete any installation.

With the contractor and local retail stores in mind we bring the latest trends, styles, and colour options to the floor and wall covering market in Canada. We will continue to grow and add the latest trends to the floor covering market and adapt to the fast changing industry

Why Choose Dragona?

We now carry a complete line of ; hardwoods, laminates, engineered woods, carpet, vinyl, ceramic and Porcelain tile, mosaics, natural stones, tools and accessories which include adhesives, stains and finishes, as well as the most complete range of accessory products to compliment any installation—base, treads, mortar, grout, engineered cements, adhesives, trim systems and tools.

We also carry a wide range of unique privatized brands , imported from throughout the globe to meet local needs.  We maintain all these products in inventory and offer over 10,000 different flooring solution items available.  We maintain large local warehouses from just 25,000 feet grew to over 150,000 sq feet in the past two years. We will continue this growth and are making large investments to sustain this growth. This sas made Dragona Flooring just over the past few years the fastest growing complete Floor covering supplier in Canada.

With the Contractor and local retail store in mind we bring the latest trends styles colors options to the floor and wall covering market in Canada. We will continue to grow and add the latest trends to the floor covering market and adapt to fast changing industry.

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