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Things to Consider Before Choosing Tile Flooring in Ottawa

Tile Flooring
Throughout Ottawa, tile flooring is a very popular option, especially for kitchens and bathrooms, but also for entryways, living rooms, and other residential spaces. This flooring option is favoured among homeowners because it is extremely durable, long lasting, and can produce a wide variety of visually stunning designs. If you are considering choosing a tile floor for your project, there are numerous aspects to first take into consideration.

Type of Material

There are numerous types of tile flooring materials. The two primary choices are ceramic or natural stone. Ceramic tile has the benefit of being less expensive and available in a wide range of colours and patterns. Natural stone, such as marble or granite, has a very classic and coveted look, and natural stone is extremely strong and resilient.

Size of Tile

The size of each individual tile also has an impact on the look and cost of the project. Smaller tiles are often chosen for bathrooms and backsplashes, but are largely going out of style. Larger tiles typically provide a more elegant and sophisticated look.

A very common tile size for flooring is 12″ X 12″. This tile size allows for a large space to be tiled without the need for a large number of individual tiles and is often the easiest to install. When tiles are smaller, it takes longer to set them and tiles that are larger make it more difficult for the tile setter to create an even floor and more time may be spent cutting the tile to fit around plumbing and other obstructions. There are also rectangular and other non-square tiles available to create more interesting patterns, but this will also increase installation time and costs.

Grout and Sealant

The other major component to a tile floor is the grout that holds the tiles into place. The colour of the grout will have a significant impact on the overall look of the floor. Many homeowners choose a grout colour that will either match or contrast the colour of the tiles.

There are also different types of grout, epoxy and cement-based. An epoxy will last an incredibly long time, but makes it very difficult to correct any mistakes or make any changes. The finished tiled and grouted floor can be sealed with a protective sealant.

Grout, especially cement-based grout, can fade overtime when exposed to the sun and can stain. There are stains and cleaners that can correct these problems in the future, and are long-term maintenance costs that should be taken into consideration.

Contact Dragona Flooring for More Info on Tile Flooring in Ottawa

Deciding to install tile flooring in Ottawa is a major decision. Before moving forward, contact the experts at Dragona Flooring to learn more about the best tile flooring supplies and the installation options available. To see tile floor material samples in person while making your decision, and to speak with experienced flooring professionals, you can visit one of our locations in Ottawa or Scarborough.

If done right, floor tiles can be the centerpiece of your home

Floor tiles are one of the most durable and versatile surfacing materials and quite possibly the most stylistically diverse. Tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, anything from small mosaics to large tile planks. No matter the overall décor of your house you will find hundreds of tiles to match and compliment it.

With so many colors and textures available, floor tiles can give your home anything from a classical appearance, to a clean and modern look. No matter what look you are going for, our inventory selection will have hundreds of different tiles to choose from. With so many options it is hard to know where to start.

Our showroom is full of hand-selected tiles from the most well known tile manufacturers around the globe. We import tiles from Italy, France, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, America, and all across Asia. These tiles are all manufactured using top of the line machinery to ensure that they last. With an advanced oven process, the manufacturers ensure that all floor tiles are strong and durable, fireproof at any temperature, and their color will not fade over time. No matter what tile you choose from us, rest assured the tile is of high quality.

We make sure to always have a wide variety of tiles in different colors, textures, and materials so that customers always have a wide selection to choose from. We also regularly update our inventory, so the next time you come in we will always have something new for you to look at.

Wide Variety of Floor Tiles in Ottawa & Scarborough

By constantly updating our stock with only the most popular and trending tiles, any unwanted tiles from our inventory are sought out so only the latest tiles remain.

Floor tiles don’t necessarily have to be bland and boring. Fine, detailed floor tiles add a luxurious, sophisticated, and eye-catching entrancing look to any room of the house. They can even be the highlight of the room. With so many variables, you can create almost any pattern to spice up the look of your home.

If you have any questions you would like to ask us, please give us a call; or come and stop by one of our showrooms in Ottawa, Scarborough or Toronto. Our expert employees would be more then glad to help you out.


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